Welcome to Depner Farms

in Caseville, Michigan!

5945 Griggs Rd.
Caseville, MI  48725
(989) 963-9531

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  Email:  DepnerFarms (at) gmail.com
Website:  www.DepnerFarms.com

"Cut-your-own" Christmas Tree Lot
Open Thanksgiving 'til Christmas
 7 Days, 8 am - 8 pm!

Click here for Christmas Tree info!


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~ Message Board ~

Our Farm & Flea Market has finished for the 2016 season. Thanks to all
of our vendors and shoppers who participated in this event.  We had a fun time!

There will be no corn maze, pumpkins or fall events this season. We appreciate
your patronage and support.  You guys are amazing!

Our "Cut-your-Own" Christmas Tree lot opens on Thanksgiving day until we
run out of full grown trees, so we suggest you don't wait until Christmas Eve
this year to stop out, or you might end up with a Charlie Brown tree! :)

Thank you for visiting our website and email us if any questions.
We love to hear from you!

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