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Corn Maze Equipment Auction
* Now in progress until Sun. April 30th @ 9 pm (EST)

My family and I have had the privilege to provide a corn maze for our community for the last 10 years and it's been an absolutely amazing experience!  It's now time for a change and we'll be auctioning all of our corn maze equipment, ideal for a party interested in starting an agritourism business or adding a corn maze to their existing agritourism activities.  No real estate  is available, just items and equipment.

To simplify things and cut down on costs, we’re skipping eBay and doing things the old fashioned way.  We also know that everyone may not have an eBay account so hopefully this will make bidding easier. Due to request, we’ve divided the items into several lots, rather than selling everything as a single package, to better accommodate you all. Scroll down this page to find a list of all items in each lot, including photo and video links for each.

We have posted the photos and videos on our facebook page.  If you do not have a facebook account, click on "Not Now" when prompted to Log-In.  If your browser restricts you from accessing the site, please change your browser security settings or try a different browswer.  If that fails. please email or text us so we can make sure you get the information you need.  Thank you.

We are accepting private bids on each lot (package) from now until Sunday April 30 @ 9 pm (EST). We have determined an undisclosed minimum bid or “reserve” for each package or "Lot".

Lot #1: Games, Swings, Signs & Scarecrows
Lot #2: Concessions Building, Equipment, Supplies, etc.
Lot #3: Corn Cannon & Equipment
Lot #4: Tent, Tables, Benches, Fire Pit & Forks
Lot #5:  Audio & Video Equipment
Lot #6: Corn Maze Truck and related items
Lot #7: International 400 8 Row Air Planter

A complete list of items and photos for each Lot # can also be seen at https://www.facebook.com/CornMazeForSale/  where a “walk-around” video tour is also posted of the Concessions Building, Corn Truck and International 400 planter.   Be sure to watch the other videos posted to facebook which show various games and activities.

Placing your bid:

1.  Email your highest bid to DepnerFarms@gmail.com (please do not comment on Facebook) If unable to email, a text is acceptable to (989) 963-9531.

2. Clearly specify the Lot # and title for each bid you make.

3.  Include your first and last name, address and phone number.

At the end of each day, we will email all participants (includng current bidders, and those who have asked us to be kept in the loop) indicating the highest bid on each Lot #.   If you are outbid, you may email new bids as many times as you wish until the auction ends (Sun. April 31 @ 9pm EST)  After the bidding ends, everyone will receive an email with the final results. In case of two equal bids above a reserve, we will accept a final tie breaking bid from both parties. 

If you have been notified as the highest bidder, please make contact with us within 2 days to make arrangements to pickup your items. You are responsible for picking up and transporting all items. If you need help finding a moving service in our area, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide a reference or two.

Preferred payment is cash at the time of pick up. Personal or business checks must be mailed in advance and we will notify you when your check has cleared. Items may not be picked up until we are confident your check has fully cleared.

FYI:  Our pickup location is as follows:

Depner Farms
5945 Griggs Rd.
Caseville, MI. 48725

It’s important that you feel comfortable with what you are bidding on.  Therefore if you have any questions about any items, or if you would like to see any items before the bidding ends, email, call or text to make arrangements.  Please do not “comment” your questions to Facebook as we won’t be able to respond and keep up with them.

Thank you very much for your patience while we were getting everything organized. We appreciate your interest and hope you have as much fun with these items as we have had over the years! 

Dan Depner
Cell: (989) 963-9531
Email: DepnerFarms@gmail.com

Lot #1:  Games, Swings, SIgns & Scarecrows - Tic-Tac-Toad & 2 Log Seats, Apples & Oranges & 2 Log Seats, Steer Roping Game (Inc. 2 Lassos, 2 Steers), Commercial Swings (1 Infant, 3 Regular), Covered Sandbox & Toys, 2 Tractor Tires, 2 Small pallets, 2 Wood Gates & Pallets, 8 Corn Maze Mailboxes (Inc. chains & tethers), "My Friends…" Bee Photo Sign, Flashlight Maze A-Frame, 2 sided, Interchangeable, Pay Here Mailbox, Corn Hole Game, Maze Rules Sign, Chicken Suit, Corn Cob Photo Sign, Gorilla Stand-Up, 4x8 Get Lost sign, Corn Toss Game, Corn Bowling Game, Steer Roping, Attention No Alcohol Sign, Welcome A-Frame, 2 Sided, Interchangeable, Kiddie Maze Sign, Overnight Kit, Buck the Singing Deer, Thank you for visiting A-Frame, Pumpkin (shaped) Patch Sign, Enter at your own Risk Sign, Exit if you're lucky Sign, Box of Scarecrow Clothes & Heads, Game tossing rings, Orange Wheel Barrow, Baby Ejection Seat , 7 Scarecrow Frames, Outhouse Sign, 1,2,3,4 Maze Path Kernel Signs, Chicken Head Cut-out, Corn-Fused? Sign (2), Kong Corner Sign, Pay Here Sign, Slow sign, Handicapped Parking Sign, Water 6-8' Sign, Rule Breakers Go to Corn Jail Sign, Mini-Maze Sign, Maze ---> sign, Rent Me Sign, This Way left arrow, Arrow Signs Blank (2) , Post Maze Counseling Sign, Watch out for Corn Snakes Sign, All you Can Eat Corn Sign, Soybean Maze for Directionally Challenged… (Sign), Maze for Blondes Sign, RV & Bus Sign, Emergency Exit Signs & Posts (4), This Way Sign and Post, Exit / Stay Right Sign and Post, This Way Spinning Arrow & Post, Search Dog Off Duty Sign, Would you like your Photo on Milk Carton Sign, Do not Touch Sign, U-Pic Pumpkins sign (wood), Pumpkins 8' sign, No Alcohol Pets or Smoking Signs (2), U-Pic Punkins & Arrow Sign, U-Pic Patch & Arrow Sign, Pumpkin Patch & Arrow Sign, U-Pic & Arrow Sign (small) , Get Cornfused Sign, Pumpkins Square Sign (Large), No Smoking Anywhere Sign, Be Happy Hive Sign, Corn Maze Arrow Signs (3), Family Fun Day Sign, Bonus Punch Post.  Click Here for photos  Click here for video 1   Click here for video 2

Lot #2 : Concessions Bldg, Equip. & Supplies - 8x12 Concessions Building & Wooden Bench, Metal Cashier Stool, We Accept Credit Cards Sign, Tickets Sign, Cider & Donuts A-Frame Sign, 2 sided, Interchangeable, 6 Pumpkin Cut-Outs, Gummi Chicken Feet Sign, 3 Countertop Sign Holders, Postcard Display Rack (White Metal), Chip/Candy Clip Rack (Red Metal), Display Shelve (Red Metal), Small Plastic Totes & Covers, Scarecrow, Commercial Popcorn Maker, Food Handling Gloves, Plastic Bags, Popcorn Bag, PH Strips, Office Supplies, Food Tickets, Money Bags, Rolled Tickets, Credit Card Imprinter, Cash Register, Adding Machine, Tyvek Wristbands, Metal Money Boxes (2), Scarecrow Basket, Plastic Cow, Chicken Head & Brochure Holder, Plastic Pumpkin Heads (6), Coca-Cola Sign, Plastic Rope & Chain, Microwave Oven (reg. size), Cube Heater, First Aid Kit, Coleman Ice Chest, Mini Fridge (White), Mini-Fridge (Brown), Paper Towel Holder, AT&T Cordless Phone, Mag Light & Headlight, Stuffed Chicken, Large Galvanized Tub, Dry Erase Sign A-Frames, Dry Erase Pens, Realistic Amp/Mixer, Clock, 2 Crates & 2 Tubs, Marshmallow Sticks (wooden), Biodegradable Plastic Corn Bags (1 1/2 case), Bean Recipe Booklets, 8 Midland 2-Way 21 station Radios with rechargeable batteries and chargers, Microphone & XLR Cable, D Battey Lantern, Fog Machine & Juice, Tiki torch fuel & 4 Cans, Pie Eating Trophy, Little Red Wagon, 2 Latex Alien Masks, Small Coop Bean Bags, 2 Safety Orange Vests, XL and XXL, 2 Plastic Owls (1 w/ pivoting head), 3 Plastic Crows (1 velvet, pivoting), Wooden Coyote, Turkey Decoy, Wrought Iron ButterFly Yard Decoration, Small Chest Freezer, Fridge with Freezer (reg. size), Orange Light Strings, 3 Strobes & Red Flood Lamps, Post mounted double flood lamp. If you need help with loading the concessions building, or need transportation, let us know and we may be able to help with making arrangements.  Click here for photos   Click here for a video

Lot #3: Corn Cannon & Equipment - Corn Cannon, Extra Barrel, 100 ft Good year Rubber Air Hose, Crate of Wooden Corn Bullets, 60 Gallon Air Compressor, Tire Target, Fish Netting & Upright Posts, Corn Cannon Sign, Danger Firing Range Sign, Ear plugs, and stylish yellow Helmet  Click Here for photos

Lot #4: Tent,Tables, Benches, Fire Pit, Forks -  9 Wooden Picnic Tables with Galvanized Frames, 3 Green Stained Wooden Campfire Benches, 10x10 Easy Pop-Up Tent with Attachable Sides and Stakes, 1 Galvanized Fire Ring, Red bricks, Galvanized Picnic Table Frames (5 sets), Picnic table bolts, nuts, washers, 11 Hot Dog Forks. Click Here for photos

Lot #5: Audio & Video Equipment - Behringer EPA 40 Portable PA with A/C Cord (no battery) , Behringer Eurolive B212A 400-Watt Powered Loudspeaker, Samsung DVD Player & Remote, Dell 1209S LCD Projector 720p & Remote, 2 Power Strips & Extension Cord, Karaoke Machine with CD & Cassette, Assorted Karaoke CD's. Click Here for photos

Lot #6: Corn Maze Truck - Corn Maze Truck; 1966 Ford F-100, 300ci six cylinder, manual shift includes 2 PA horns & mobile Amp, 2 large mountable giant "Get Lost" corn cobs, 1966 License Plate, Open August 30 Magnetic Sign, Now Open Magnetic Sign, small Get Lost Corn Cob Sign, Apple iPod (Rooster Horn). 2 spare tires, 4 hub caps, Original fuel tank, recently replaced brake lines and brake work on all 4 corners, engine pulled from an '85 Ford F-150, recent remanufactured Holly Carburetor. Does not include driver rear view mirror. Click here for photos    Click here for video 1   Click here for video 2

Lot #7: International 400 Cyclo Air Planter
  Plants 8 rows, 30" apart. ncludes 2 seed drums; sprockets and liquid fertilizer tanks. Recently replaced air gauge. Used to plant eight corn mazes between 2005 and 2015.  It's been stored outside. In fair, "as-is" condition and could use some TLC but good for an entrepreneur on a budget. Click here for photos  Click here for video 1  Click here for video 2  Please inquire with any questions.

~ Message Board ~

Our Corn Maze Equipment Auction is now in progress until
Sunday, April 30th @ 9 pm.  If you haven't yet placed a bid but would like to
receive daily auction updates, shoot us an email at depnerfarms@gmail.com
and let us know that you'd like us to"keep you in the loop".
Thanks for your visit! :)

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